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InReader is an intelligent system which utilizes cloud computing power with sophisticated algorithm providing predictive supplementary information to enhance end user reading experience. In contrast to the functions of conventional dictionaries, InReader differs by having an "Interactive, Intelligent and Innovative" way to improve users’ English comprehension level, ultimately making the learning and knowledge acquisition process a pleasant journey.

Business Model

We aim to provide a leading software suite for enhancing individual’s English reading experience. It is an individual based with interactive learning power to fit for user’s vocabulary level. We plan to sell “InReader” under a SaaS business model, where use of our service is provided on a subscription basis. We can also cater for large scale operations, such as government entities, educational institutions or various firms and businesses on enterprise licenses basis.

Target Market

Initially, our target segment would be those in education, such as scholars and those in schooling. This group of consumers will frequently encounter English documents on a daily basis, such as learning materials or technical papers from foreign sources. In these circumstances, unfamiliar lexicon (vocabulary) are most likely contained in their readings and they may face the problem described above, thus, “InReader” will be a valuable asset to them.

Apart from these target audiences, “InReader” can also cater to other groups, notably those who encounter English papers on a daily basis. Groups such as lawyers operating in Hong Kong often have to work with English contracts or papers, thus, my invention can prove to be useful in this scenario by increasing their reading efficiency.

Social / Community Impact

We wish our service can make a positive impact in the academic and professional worlds. By providing accurate and proactive assistance, users could improve their reading speed and maximize their pleasure derived from reading. In future, we believe the personalized knowledge database could be a key to open a new social/community interaction platform.