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Max Lo

Max Lo is the principal idea inventor of InReader, he proposed the idea of InReader in Year 2010, and he implemented the first prototype of InReader and demonstrated how his idea can improve user's reading experience.

Max graduated from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Electronic Information and Engineering Department in 2010 with first class honour. Since then, he has worked in the IT industry focusing on system design and programming. Currently he is working in the Government sector managing mission critical public service IT systems.

Max is keen to explore opportunities in daily life that IT solution could provide improvement to humanity life. His vision of InReader is to provide a reading tools for academic and professional fields to make learning & knowledge acquiring process a pleasant journey.

Alex Tong

Alex Tong is the director of InReader. He graduated from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Electronic Information and Engineering Department in year 2011. After his graduation, he worked for an electronic company. As a senior product development manager, he was responsible for the project supervision and products developments. With his outstanding electronic knowledge and excellent leadership skills, he and his team had developed some renowned products in the industry, and gain an industrial award from HKICT in year 2015.

Apart from his work, Alex is an enthusiastic guy, he keep on working as a volunteer for The Boys' & Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong, as a team leader he taught and inspired teenages about the robotic electronics and multimedia technologies.

Ben Tse

Ben Tse is one of the developer of InReader, he responsible for the graphical design and the front end web & android application developments. Ben has tremendous experience in professional website developments, he familiar with the latest web development tools, such as Sass, Grunt, etc.

With his excellent skills and solid experience, the development of InReader was accelerated and the project management was greatly improved. He facilitated the collaboration among developers for the project, and brings the InReader idea to a real application in a short period of time.