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About Us

Formed by a group of dedicated The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Electronic Information and Engineering Department (EIE) graduates that wanted to apply their expertise to invent a simple yet effective learning tools, InReader was created. InReader aims to provide quick assistance for Chinese communities, improve the comprehension level during reading and ultimately make learning & knowledge acquiring process a pleasant journey. It is InReader’s vision to offer an innovative, accessible and interactive cloud service for every individual.

Our Mission

At InReader, our mission is to inspire, innovate and create values for our users. Continuing our commitment in technology breakthrough, we offer great online tools and applications to users to improve the reading efficiency, enhance the comprehension level and advance knowledge acquisition. InReader communities ultimately could enjoy reading at ease and find joy in reading.

July, 2017

After a long development process, development team finally finished the InReader Android version, launching it immediately during early July.

June, 2017

After intensive market research with target groups, the InReader development team decided to implement the Simplified Chinese version of the InReader app.

April, 2017

The InReader chrome extension first launched during this time, enabling precise English reading assistance in browser. Further development of the online site also began development at this point, such as unique user profiles, dashboard tools and general improvements to the user interface.

December, 2016

PolyU Entrepreneurship Parade 2016 was held on December 2016, where the InReader team showcased their latest edition of InReader and received the HKSTP-PolyU Tech Incubation Fund (TIF) award on stage.

August, 2016

InReader entered early Alpha during this time, where a small group of close friends began to test the functions of InReader. With such an overwhelming positive feedback, lead developers Max Lo and Ben Tse began to devote more time optimising the online InReader app and adding more features, while beginning to develop the Android version of the app.


May, 2016

Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) has approved to the seed fund of HKD$100,000 to InReader Limited, under the HKSTP-PolyU Tech Incubation Fund (TIF) Scheme, to be used for the development of the InReader app.

April, 2016

After a lengthy process with intense competition, InReader was able to secure a place in the exclusive HKSTP Incubation Program.

January, 2016

InReader Limited was first established on this day, after glowing reviews and support received during the very early stages of the app.

June, 2015

The first InReader prototype was developed at this time, including an Android mobile application and a Google Chrome browser plugin. The prototype at this stage was to form a proof of concept, illustrating the several features InReader can provide. The streamlined user interface and the contextual analysis algotherm in the current app was also undergoing development at this time.

March, 2010

The concept of InReader was first thought up by Max Lo at this time.